Z Nation Season 01 Episode 03 Online (2014)

 Watch Z Nation Season 01 Episode 03 Online Free - Stream Tv Rating: 6.0/10 (7,674 votes)
Director: N/A
Writer: N/A
Stars: Kellita Smith, DJ Qualls, Keith Allan, Russell Hodgkinson
Runtime: 44 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Action, Drama, Horror
Released: 12 Sep 2014
Plot: Staring in a flashback, we get to see a bit of Cassandra’s past. See, a while back, she was part of a group of grifters who had sex in trailers to lure men into something. But what? Now, in the present, she’s riding with Roberta and Charles into Philadelphia. They find a truck with the liberty bell attached to the back of it and when they open the door to steal it, a zombie pops out. Which, this is a rule of Z Nation we should probably establish right here and now: when a door is closed, let’s just always assume there’s a zombie behind it. The team steals the truck and drives off with the Liberty Bell, but are quickly diverted when the truck swerves to miss an oncoming zombie attack. The bell falls off and kills some zombies. Yeah to national monuments being killing machines! Up in the Arctic, Simon makes steak for the dog. It turns out that they have a whole lot of food to last a while up north there. Meanwhile, back in the part of town where Cassandra’s people live– the “Family” (as they call themselves) gathers around the table to eat meat they’ve cooked (What’s the meat?! What’s the meat?!) And one of the members of the “Family” come back and says that Cassandra has been located. Meanwhile, our fearless team of zombie hunters is finishing the last of the food they’ve found (mostly Twinkies). They decide to split up and look for food and some kind of antenna dish to contact Citizen Z. Addy and Mack find a cop-car radio and end up killing a police officer zombie and the criminal in the back. Doc, 10K and Cassandra have a conversation about porn while stealing a satellite dish (it happens) and Cassandra runs off when she realizes that those creepy “Family” people have found her. When Cassandra gives them the slip by ducking behind a dumpster, the « Family » come up with a new idea. Just as Addy makes contact with Citizen Z, she is abducted by the « Family. »

Watch Z Nation Season 01 Episode 03 Online Free – Stream Tv


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