The Walking Dead (2010)
Watch The Walking Dead Season 04 Episode 04 Online Free - Stream Tv Rating: 8.7/10 (445,514 votes)
Director: N/A
Writer: N/A
Stars: Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Chandler Riggs, Norman Reedus
Runtime: 44 min
Rated: TV-14
Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Released: 31 Oct 2010
Plot: Daryl’s group finds a new car, and while repairing the vehicle, Bob tells Daryl about his alcoholism and his culpability for Zach’s earlier death; Daryl replies that is nonsense and reminds Bob that he is no longer alone. Michonne confronts Tyreese about his anger; he counters with inquiries about her quests to find and kill The Governor. The group eventually makes it to the college and retrieves the medicine they need, although Bob is almost killed in a tug-of-war with walkers who latched onto his bag, which is revealed to contain only a bottle of liquor he found at the college. Having lost trust in him, Daryl threatens Bob and condemns his actions. On their way back to the prison, Michonne tells Daryl The Governor’s trail has « gone cold », and thus she will stop searching for him. Meanwhile, Rick and Carol go on a supply run in a residential area, where they find two survivors, a couple named Sam and Ana. When the couple expresses interest in returning with them to the prison despite the ongoing illness, Rick decides to let them come with him. Carol suggests that the couple assist them in searching the area for supplies, and they agree to help. Rick believes they are ill-equipped to handle that task, but reluctantly agrees with the group consensus. While scavenging the town, Rick and Carol debate Carol’s actions. The two later discover that Ana has been killed by walkers and Sam is nowhere to be found. Rick later tells Carol that she will not return with him to the prison, since he believes Tyreese would kill her when he learned she had killed Karen and David, and Rick does not want her around his children. He helps Carol pack a car of her own with supplies, and then the two then go their separate ways.

the walking dead season 04 episode 04 online free


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