Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 04 Episode 03 Online (2009)

Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 04 Episode 03 Online Free - Stream Tv Rating: 8.1/10 (172,073 votes)
Director: N/A
Writer: N/A
Stars: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen
Runtime: 43 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Released: 10 Sep 2009
Plot: In the hospital, Connor breaks in and steals Tyler’s werewolf venom. The gang returns to school, and Matt allows Elena to feed on him in their old make-out spot. On their way inside, they discover that a curfew has been put into effect due to the shooting at the church. Stefan tries to show Elena that being a vampire can be fun, but Rebekah also returns to school and begins to torment Elena by bringing up Alaric and tempting her with blood. Connor comes to the school and tells Jeremy that the reason he can see Connor’s tattoo is because he is a potential hunter. Connor uses force to get Matt to confess who is feeding off him, but he lies and says it’s Rebekah. Klaus returns to protect his hybrids from Connor, and takes residence in the Lockwood house. Hayley, a female werewolf who helped Tyler break Klaus’ sire-bond, arrives, and Klaus suspects they had a less-than-platonic relationship in the Appalachia’s. Meanwhile, Rebekah decides to throw an anti-curfew party at her house, and Elena and Stefan decide to attend. At the party, Rebekah steals Elena’s ring and nearly destroys it. Elena, who had previously convinced Damon to give her the White Oak Stake, plans to stake Rebekah, but Stefan intervenes and convinces her to come with him to blow off steam (not before Elena makes a grand exit from the party by doing an unassisted keg stand). When Stefan and Elena return, she becomes sick due to the keg being spiked with werewolf venom. Meanwhile, Damon and Klaus, who have temporarily teamed up, trap Connor in the hospital storage room via rigged explosives. Connor attempts to stake Klaus, but Klaus disarms him. Upon seeing a familiar symbol on the stake, Klaus realizes Connor is one of The Five…

Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 04 Episode 03 Online Free – Stream Tv


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