Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 02 Episode 18 Online (2009)

Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 02 Episode 18 Online Free - Stream Tv Rating: 8.1/10 (172,073 votes)
Director: N/A
Writer: N/A
Stars: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen
Runtime: 43 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Released: 10 Sep 2009
Plot: Klaus, who is in Alaric’s (Matt Davis) body, keeps Katherine (Nina Dobrev) trapped in the apartment and he compels her to tell him everything she knows about Elena, the Salvatore brothers and their plans to kill him. Elena signs the papers to get Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) house where she can be safe from vampires and then she leaves for school with Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Stefan beside Damon’s objection. Klaus arrives at school pretending to be Alaric. Matt (Zach Roerig) does not know how to act around Caroline (Candice Accola) since he has to pretend that he does not remember anything of what she told him. Liz (Marguerite MacIntyre) asks him to do whatever Caroline asks him and not make her understand that he knows so he can buy her some time to see what she can do. A girl at school asks Elena in behalf of a guy, if she will go to the high school dance. When Elena says that she will go with her boyfriend, the girl tells her that the guy’s name is Klaus. Elena and Bonnie realize that the girl is compelled and they inform Stefan and Damon about it. Alaric/Klaus is also there when Bonnie reassures them that she has enough power and can take Klaus down. Klaus returns to Alaric’s apartment where Maddox (Gino Anthony Pesi) tells him that Bonnie cannot use all that power without killing herself and advices Klaus to provoke her to use that power. At the high school dance Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) worries about Bonnie and tries to change her mind but Bonnie tells him not to worry. Elena, Stefan and Damon also arrive and they all get inside trying to find where Klaus is, something that is not easy since they do not know how he looks like…

Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 02 Episode 18 Online Free – Stream Tv


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