IMDB Rating: 4.5/10 from 374 votes
Release: 2012 /

The Unbroken

Genre: Thriller
Director: Jason Murphy
Stars: Daniel Baldwin, Warwick Davis, Aurelia Riley
Synopsis: Sarah Campbell has to start her life over again after a messy divorce leaves her broken, lost, and alone for the first time in years. Having to live in a dumpy apartment complex with some interesting people is the least of her worries when strange things begin to happen in her new home including visions of a little boy in the mirrors. Passing them off as her « crazy imagination », things intensify when Sarah starts to have nightmares about being murdered and tossed into a shallow grave by a « shadowy figure ». As her nightmares become more vivid, so do her encounters with the ghostly child who begins terrorize her and cause « accidents » wherever she goes. After a visit to a local « psychic/Paranormal expert », Sarah is told that she must help the ghost complete his unfinished business so he can cross to the other side. Through an encounter with her charming next door neighbor, Sarah realizes her neighbor is the « shadowy figure » that she has been dreaming about…and that he murdered the …

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