IMDB Rating: 2.1/10 from 110 votes
Release: 2013 /

The Forbidden Dimensions

Genre: Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Director: Christopher James Miller
Stars: Brittany O'Neil, Kyle Morris, Christopher James Miller
Synopsis: Jack Slade was born during a solar eclipse in the year 1980. 18 years later, he finds out he has the ability to travel into the future. He projects himself into the year 2035, where society has been destroyed by a fascist regiment of psychopathic doctors that rule the wastelands, creating deformed mutants with a serum synthesized from the flesh of dead aliens. Now Slade must travel back to the year 1998 to destroy a device known as the wavelength generator, which opened the dimensional gateways to these alien beings. With the help of an army of female outlaws and a sleazy detective, Slade re-connects with the star child Khadijah, who holds the key to stopping these tragic events from ever taking place.

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Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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