IMDB Rating: 4.7/10 from 40 votes
Release: 2013 /


Genre: Horror | Thriller
Director: Jared Masters
Stars: Julia Faye West, Danika Galindo, Art Roberts
Synopsis: After the unexplained death of their Uncle Arlo, Kayla Nunez and her sister venture to his home in the rural town of Wickenhaven. They plan to claim their share of his estate, but their trip takes a drastic turn after discovering that their uncle's house is occupied by a mysterious relative, Aunt May, who may be harboring deadly secrets. Complicating matters is the deranged, lust-filled tanning salon owner, Dale, and his exotic wife, Joan, whose business in designer handbags is the backbone to the entire town's economy, and possibly the darkest fashion controversy the world will ever know.

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Horror, Thriller

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