Watch Reign Season 01 Episode 22 Online (2013)

Watch Reign Season 01 Episode 22 Online Free - Stream Tv Rating: 7.7/10 (17,741 votes)
Director: N/A
Writer: Laurie McCarthy, Stephanie Sengupta
Stars: Adelaide Kane, Megan Follows, Torrance Coombs, Toby Regbo
Runtime: 42 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Released: N/A
Plot: Due to Henry’s increasing madness Francis, Mary and Catherine plot a coup. Christian advises Mary to lay claim to England in order to inspire the French to rally around her. At the jousts celebrating the victory at Calais, Mary wears the English coat of arms. Henry is jealous of the response Mary gets and decides to participate in the jousts himself. Francis secretly switches with the jouster and mortally wounds Henry. On Henry’s deathbed, his sanity returns; he makes Catherine promise to befriend Diane, and confesses to Francis that he poisoned his elder brother to become king, warning Francis not to betray those he loves. Henry dies and Francis is proclaimed king. Leith returns with rewards but Greer, though she still loves him, refuses to marry him, saying it’s not enough. Heartbroken, Leith declares he will become more successful but will never return to her. Leith shows interest in a lady named Yvette (Sarah Winter), not knowing she is Castleroy’s daughter. She in turn is attracted to him. Bash saves Kenna and Pascal from the Darkness, revealing it to be a man. The Darkness claims that the blood sacrifices are necessary to appease the gods and keep the plague at bay, but Bash kills him. Mary receives a letter from Lola that she is in labour and possibly dying. Mary tells Francis he is the father of Lola’s child, just as news arrives that the plague has arrived as the Darkness predicted. Mary tries to convince Francis to stay but he insists on going to Lola, and Mary closes the gate behind him when he leaves.

Watch Reign Season 01 Episode 22 Online Free – Stream Tv


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