Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 05 Episode 02 Online (2010)

Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 05 Episode 02 Online Free - Stream Tv Online Megashare, Pretty Little Liars Season 05 Episode 02 Online Rating: 8.0/10 (83,083 votes)
Director: N/A
Writer: N/A
Stars: Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding
Runtime: 60 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Released: 08 Jun 2010
Plot: A bus drives into Rosewood, bringing the liars and Alison home. Ali is afraid and almost gets back on the bus, but is stopped by Emily who assures her that ‘A’ is dead and she has nothing to be afraid of anymore. They plan on going to the police station and telling the police everything. Aria also decides to own up to Shana’s murder. The girls walk into the station and present themselves to Holbrook. Holbrook tells Ali to start telling him what happened the night she disappeared. She tells him that she was kidnapped and held hostage for two years, and gives the other girls credit for saving her life. The girls look on uneasily. In a conference room, Holbrook shows Ali the picture of her encounter with the girls after their trip to Ravenswood. Ali says that it was the night she escaped from her kidnapper, and prior to her disappearance, her friends had hidden her in the cabin in the woods, where they frequently visited. Ali’s story confuses Holbrook as she previously said that her friends had rescued her from Philadelphia. Kenneth arrives and interrupts the discussion as Ali embraces her father. At the Hastings house, Veronica announces that Pam’s flight has been cancelled, and gives Emily permission to stay with them. Emily goes out to call her mother while Veronica confronts Spencer about knowing that Alison was alive. Spencer thinks her mother is accusing her of killing the girl in Ali’s grave, which Veronica dissolves. Spencer is surprised to hear that Melissa is back and that her dad and her went to Philadelphia to pick up Spencer’s car from impoundment.

Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 05 Episode 02 Online Free – Stream Tv Online Megashare


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