IMDB Rating: 3.7/10 from 9 votes
Release: 1994 /

Pocahontas (1994)

Genre: Animation | Short | Biography
Director: Richard Rich
Stars: Debra Funkhouser, Jonathan Hogan, Kevin Farrell
Synopsis: Pocahontas is a beautiful, young Indian princess traveling with her husband, John Rolfe, and son, Thomas, to London to see John's birthplace. She is awed by the activity and the largeness of London. However, Pocahontas soon falls ill with the plague. Once, when Pocahontas and John are entering their hotel, they are approached by Captain John Smith. Pocahontas is extremely upset, having thought John was dead for a long time. Her husband apologizes on her behalf, explaining she is ill. She asks him to come again. Pocahontas is a young girl at the age of twelve when she first sees the English settlers of Jamestown. Curious and brave, Pocahontas befriends the colony and persuades her father to help them survive through the winter. This act of kindness brings peace between the Indians and the settlers. As food grows scarce for the settlers, they steal from the Indians. The Indians capture Captain John Smith, intending to kill him. Pocahontas saves his life by « claiming him for her own. » …

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Animation, Biography, Short

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