Now You See It (1974)
Now You See It poster Rating: 8.0/10 (17 votes)
Director: Paul Alter, Marc Breslow
Writer: N/A
Stars: Jack Narz, Johnny Olson, Gene Wood
Runtime: 30 min
Rated: TV-G
Genre: Family, Game-Show
Released: 01 Apr 1974
Plot: The Mystery Word Search game consisted of 5 contestants (4 Challengers & 1 Champion) are playing for points. In the Premilinary Round, Contestants will find a answer (from a 14×4=56 gridded game board) in one(1) of the four(4) lines and the fourteen(14) columns (positions) from a question that the host been asked. A correct line, position & a word will win 1 point; A wrong line & word that can led a team to find a correct line & word. Changing team members are assessived and then the team scores the most points wins and go to the Semi-Finals. The Semi-Final Round consists of 2 contestants of the disbanded winning team go to line by line in every position to position letter one (1) at a time before shown the last letter as one(1) of two(2) contestants will see & say the word answer to a question correctly wins 1 point and continues up to 4 points became the winner receives a prize package worth around $1500 and becomes the challenger to the Champion in the Finals. In The Championship Finals, Now the points are locating between the 4 word lines & the 14 letter positions. The lines are worth from 1 to 4 points & the columns are worth from 1 to 14 points (i.e.: »Waste »-2+3=5). The teams will find a word was located in the game board and that look different than the Premilinary Round and the contestant scores the most points wins becomes the New Champion or otherwise still being the champion. In Late 1974 The Teams of the Premilinaries write down the favorite word will become the bonus answer as it shown immediately wins 10 points to their score & also for the Championship Finals either his or her score the same thing. In Early 1975 and towards to the end of the period 2 Contestants playing for 5 points to win the game and an $1500 Prize Package and faces the champion in the Finals. At The Finals One(1) contestant scores 50 points and the game will continue and that make the point values are doubled (Lines: 2-8 pts. & Positions: 2-28 pts.) and the team reached 100 points wins the game and go to the « Solo Round! » The « Solo Round » has 10 words in the grid and the team has 1 minute to find all 10 words. Each word they found is worth $100 and 10 words they all found wins $5000, $1000 will added for tomorrow's show when they don't find all 10 words. Later in the program's period, Contestants are now following the pattern than 2 teams & 1 player. Contestants/Teams must compete before defeated.

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Now You See It

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