Watch Modern Family Season 03 Episode 16 Online (2009)

Watch Modern Family Season 03 Episode 16 Online Free - Stream Tv Online, Modern Family Season 03 Episode 16 Online Rating: 8.7/10 (179,528 votes)
Director: N/A
Writer: N/A
Stars: Ed O’Neill, Sofía Vergara, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell
Runtime: 22 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Comedy
Released: 23 Sep 2009
Plot: At a family brunch, the Pritchett family confess past sins starting with Claire (Julie Bowen) confessing to a long-ago transgression against Jay (Ed O’Neill). Jay takes his turn and confesses to both Claire and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson). Mitchell’s confession ruins Jay’s proudest golf moment when he reveals that he kicked Jay’s ball into the hole and that Jay did not score a hole-in-one. Meanwhile, Luke (Nolan Gould) and Manny (Rico Rodriguez) decide to take revenge on Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) for taking all of the attention away from them. The two set up a trap similar to a Rube Goldberg machine which is inadvertently tripped by Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) instead, and he injures his back and breaks Lily’s doll. Phil (Ty Burrell) takes Alex (Ariel Winter), Haley (Sarah Hyland) and Lily to the mall to repair the doll. Jay leaves to the golf course and Claire leaves to « yoga », and Gloria (Sofía Vergara) decides to join her. Mitchell decides to go reconcile with his father and leaves. With everyone gone, Cameron begins a frantic search for a Tupperware he believed Claire stole from him some time ago. At the parking lot of « yoga », Claire attempts to avoid Gloria and lies continually making Gloria to eventually depart. Gloria realizes that something is wrong with Claire’s excuses so she goes back. Claire finally reveals to Gloria that she is actually there for the shooting range and not for yoga because it is a great method of stress release. Gloria surprises Claire by casually shooting a bulls eye and leaving Claire to practice. In the car, Alex accidentally reveals that Haley had sexual intercourse with Dylan (Reid Ewing), and Phil is shocked. Haley is angry with Alex and feels guilty when her dad implies how disappointed he is. At the mall, there is tension between Phil and Haley as they repair the doll and Phil makes many comments that are both dual references to Haley and the doll. In the end, the two reconcile.

Watch Modern Family Season 03 Episode 16 Online Free – Stream Tv Online


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