IMDB Rating: 8.6/10 from 299,786 votes
Release: 2004 /


Genre: Adventure | Drama | Fantasy
Stars: Jorge Garcia, Naveen Andrews, Matthew Fox
Synopsis: After a mysterious and bloody airplane crash, 48 survivors are left stranded on a Pacific Island… miles off course. It soon becomes apparent that they will not have to cope only with the forces of nature, but with the island's secrets, including the Dharma Initiative, the 'Lost Numbers', the « others » (or hostiles) and the strange black smoke- to name a few. There is also much more than meets the eye, as it becomes apparent that everyone is connected in some way and that everyone has a purpose to live on the island… and for some, to die.

Episode 1   –   A Tale of Two Cities
Episode 2   –   The Glass Ballerina
Episode 3   –   Further Instructions
Episode 4   –   Every Man for Himself
Episode 5   –   The Cost of Living
Episode 6   –   I Do
Episode 7   –   Not in Portland
Episode 8   –   Flashes Before Your Eyes
Episode 9   –   Stranger in a Strange Land
Episode 10   –   Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
Episode 11   –   Enter 77
Episode 12   –   Par Avion
Episode 13   –   The Man from Tallahassee
Episode 14   –   Expose
Episode 15   –   Left Behind
Episode 16   –   One of Us
Episode 17   –   Catch-22
Episode 18   –   D.O.C.
Episode 19   –   The Brig
Episode 20   –   The Man Behind the Curtain
Episode 21   –   Greatest Hits
Episode 22   –   Through the Looking Glass

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Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

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