IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 from 2,647 votes
Release: 2010 /

Halo Legends

Genre: Animation | Action | Sci-Fi
Director: Frank O'Connor, Shinji Aramaki
Stars: James Faulkner, Greg Ayres, Brittney Karbowski
Synopsis: A collection of seven stories from the Halo Universe created by Japan's most creative minds. First up is « Origins » a two part episode showing the expansive history of the Halo Universe and the history of the 100,000 year long franchise timeline, told through the eyes of Cortana. Second comes « The Duel » Taking place long before the Human-Covenant War, it tells the story of an Arbiter, Fal 'Chavamee, who refuses to accept the Covenant Religion. Taking a turn to the Spartan side of the story « Homecoming » focuses on the tragedies involving the Spartan-II recruitment in 2517, and the Spartans coming to terms with their origins. Taking a turn in tone comes « Odd One Out » a non-cannon parody of the Halo storyline. « Prototype » tells the story of a Marine who goes against his orders to destroy an advanced prototype armor and uses the suit to buy time for civilians evacuating from the planet. « The Babysitter » tales of the the rivalry between the Spartan-II Commandos and the Orbital Drop Shock …

Version 2       Vidxden
Version 3       Gorillavid
Version 4       Daclips
Version 5       Daclips
Version 6       Movreel
Version 8       Daclips
Version 9       Filenuke

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