Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Episode 10 Online (2005)

Watch Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 10 Online Free - Stream Tv Online Megashare, Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 10 Online Rating: 7,7/10 (128,944 votes)
Director: N/A
Writer: N/A
Stars:  Ellen Pompeo, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr, Patrick Dempsey
Runtime: 60 min
Rated: TV-PG
Genre: Drama, Romance
Released: March 27, 2005
Pilot: Ben notices that Bailey is showing signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder. He mentions his concern to Derek in what he thinks is a casual conversation. It’s not. Derek is a member of the board, so this is actually official. He needs to report it. Bailey is furious with Ben while still in denial of her issue. She’s forced to step away from a surgery when Owen proves that she has OCD tendencies. A furious Bailey slams down a chair at home. Then she picks it up. She can’t help herself. Arizona is back in her old place with Callie. She’s sleeping on the sofa, but at least she’s back. She lets Callie know that she was with someone while they were apart. It’s over, but they were together often. Callie and Arizona are called on to work together on a young girl who was hit by a car while riding a scooter. The babysitter is freaking out. So is Leah, as she’s been ordered to assist on the case. She runs into a problem during the procedure. She turns to Arizona for help. It’s at this moment when Callie realizes that Leah is the person Arizona was talking about earlier. Not good. Callie and Arizona eventually talk it all out. Emma brings muffins to the hospital as she cranks out a grant proposal. Cristina catches her getting chummy with Owen. Alex suggests that she needs to have sex with someone as they treat a newborn baby who’s been in the hospital for three weeks. Shane overhears their little chat. He lets Cristina know that they need to do another 3D image print to save the newborn. The only problem is that Meredith has the printer locked down for the day. Shane says he’ll get Stephanie to break the news to her. He also offers to help Cristina get her ya-ya’s out.

 Watch Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Episode 10 Online Free – Stream Tv Online Megashare


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