Grey’s Anatomy Season 04 Episode 02 Online (2005)

Watch Grey's Anatomy Season 04 Episode 02 Online Free - Stream Tv Online Megashare, Grey's Anatomy Season 04 Episode 02 Online Rating: 7,7/10 (128,944 votes)
Director: N/A
Writer: N/A
Stars:  Ellen Pompeo, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr, Patrick Dempsey
Runtime: 60 min
Rated: TV-PG
Genre: Drama, Romance
Released: March 27, 2005
Pilot: An apartment explosion, a missing meth baby, an obsessed sibling, a little S&M (it’s not what you think) and one slightly scary mama make for a highly-addictive day at Seattle Grace. Remember when Mer-Der broke up about eight seconds before they decided to sleep together? It’s all good because now they simply label their liaisons S&M, or “sex and mockery.” It’s the best breakup ever! But breaking up is hard to do. Just ask George and Cristina. George, who finally declared his love for Izzie, now has to spill that tidbit to his wife. Cristina tries to cope by trading wedding gifts for favors from her coworkers. Makes sense. Wouldn’t you give up an espresso maker for a chance to scrub in with McSteamy? The team springs into action to treat victims of an apartment explosion. A baby’s mom is in pretty bad shape while the amped-up dad can’t understand why his boy won’t stop crying. Others victims include a young guy with internal bleeding and an elderly neighbor who considers the family his own. While everyone tends to the traumas, Cristina avoids the traumatic—a visit with her near-miss mother-in-law. Meredith is the first to come across Mama Burke in the lobby. No punches are pulled when Mrs. B asks if Meredith’s “it’s over…so over” dig at Derek during the wedding was her being inappropriate or just selfish. Yeah, Diahann Carroll’s uncompromising delivery made us squirm just like Meredith. George’s plans to confront Callie are put on hold by Izzie. Callie is her boss and could make her life miserable, so George reluctantly agrees to wait. He then runs into Mrs. Burke who lectures he shouldn’t stay in a marriage out of obligation. So, what should George do? We’re stumped.

 Watch Grey’s Anatomy Season 04 Episode 02 Online Free – Stream Tv Online Megashare


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