Grey’s Anatomy Season 03 Episode 25 Online (2005)

Watch Grey's Anatomy Season 03 Episode 25 Online Free - Stream Tv Online Megashare, Grey's Anatomy Season 03 Episode 25 Online Rating: 7,7/10 (128,944 votes)
Director: N/A
Writer: N/A
Stars:  Ellen Pompeo, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr, Patrick Dempsey
Runtime: 60 min
Rated: TV-PG
Genre: Drama, Romance
Released: March 27, 2005
Pilot: The episode opens to a voice-over narrative from Richard Webber (James Pickens, Jr.). Addison gets to the ER with the woman from the bar, the previous episode. Burke starts treating her and decides that the babies must be born. Joe and Walter adopt them. Derek, Mark and Bailey start treating the climber. The other climbers eventually talk to the police. Cristina tries to write her vows. Callie writes them on Cristina’s hand. At work, Cristina discovers that the wedding has given her the day off. Jeff Pope arrives and hugs Rebecca. Alex asks Jeff why he didn’t search for his wife before. Rebecca wants Alex, but he tells her to stay with her ‘decent guy’. Derek tells Meredith that he met a girl in the bar. Meredith seems confused. Meanwhile, Adele has a miscarriage, revealing Richard was the father. Mama Burke forces Cristina to remove her eyebrows; she panics and convinces Bailey to let her scrub in. Bailey agrees, having found out that Callie is the new chief resident. Derek removes the axe from the fourth climber while Burke treats the new babies. Callie and George agree to have children, but Izzie tells George she’s in love with him. The interns receive their test results. George hides the fact that he didn’t pass. Derek feels Meredith is taking him for granted. She evades responding and goes to the chapel. Mark, Addison and Burke are rejected as Chief candidates. At the chapel, Burke finds out Derek is not the new Chief, though Derek doesn’t explain. Addison tells Alex to fight for Rebecca. Outside SGH, Bailey and George talk. She thinks that she failed him, but he says: « I failed you ».

 Watch Grey’s Anatomy Season 03 Episode 25 Online Free – Stream Tv Online Megashare


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