Watch Family Guy Season 13 Episode 06 Online (1999)

Watch Family Guy Season 13 Episode 06 Online Free - Stream Tv Online, Family Guy Season 13 Episode 06 Online Rating: 8.4/10 (190,867 votes)
Director: N/A
Writer: N/A
Stars: Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis
Runtime: 22 min
Rated: TV-14
Genre: Animation, Comedy
Released: 31 Jan 1999
Plot: On a trip to the Quahog Mall before Christmas, Peter and Lois bump into Jesus and discover that he is still hanging around Quahog due to not being entirely comfortable dealing with his own home life with God. Jesus invites Peter over to his place. However, since it is a depressing bachelor apartment, Peter invites him out with Glenn Quagmire, Cleveland Brown, and Joe Swanson to have a drink. At the Drunken Clam, they start to plan a birthday party and discover that he has never had sex and that his relationship with Carrie Underwood didn’t work out after an incident where she was in a gunfight with the police while Jesus was driving. To make his birthday special, they promise to help him lose his virginity. As Lois advises Peter to be gentile with his attempt, they take Jesus out where he experiences multiple failures. Trying the internet, Joe’s inquiry into the age of a girl on Peter’s online pornography cuts things short. As Peter mopes about striking out, Lois tries her hand and takes Jesus out to find out his likes. She encourages Jesus to be himself, but her nice manners cause him to want to sleep with her. Approaching Peter about his issue to help him, Peter is shocked but agrees to help when Jesus promises him an expensive massage chair in return for sleeping with Lois. He lets Lois know about Jesus’ interest in her and she reluctantly agrees. As they head out together, Peter enjoys his chair at the Drunken Clam. During this time, Peter has a fantasy of Lois and Jesus having sex and has second thoughts. These are confirmed when other members of the bar confirm that Jesus does the stunt of playing loser single guy to sleep with a lot of women. Peter tries multiple ways to get to their liaison to stop things. He attempts to get a car from someone, but gives up when a man states that he needs the car more because his daughter is sleeping with Lenny Kravitz.

Watch Family Guy Season 13 Episode 06 Online Free – Stream Tv Online


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