Watch Family Guy Season 08 Episode 11 Online (1999)

Watch Family Guy Season 08 Episode 11 Online Free - Stream Tv Online, Family Guy Season 08 Episode 11 Online Rating: 8.4/10 (190,867 votes)
Director: N/A
Writer: N/A
Stars: Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis
Runtime: 22 min
Rated: TV-14
Genre: Animation, Comedy
Released: 31 Jan 1999
Plot: When the news announces a local rodeo competition in Quahog, Peter decides to enter the competition. He trains using Chris and Meg in various ways, such as using Chris as a bronco, or Peter roping Meg and branding her, although he finds out that Mayor West already did it, who takes her away. However, during the competition he quickly falls off his anthropomorphic bull, and ends up being raped, off-screen, by the bull. While that occurs, Brian meets the editor of Teen People (Allison Janney), who gives him a job writing an article about the average American girl. When he starts following and spying on Meg with Stewie for research, they discover that she has fallen in love with a man in jail named Luke (Chace Crawford), whom she met through a school pen-pal project. After Brian reveals Meg’s secret to Peter and Lois, who don’t want her seeing Luke again, he soon breaks out of jail during a prison riot and tries to hide in the Griffins’ house. When Brian comes to Meg’s room to apologize for what he did to her, he finds him just as Peter enters, who only knows what is happening when reading TV Guide, which details the plot of the episode, and is the same reason he entered the rodeo. As Luke escapes out the window, Peter alerts Joe, who apprehends Luke. Joe also arrests Meg for harboring a fugitive, and she is sent to prison. Luke is never heard from again in the episode. Three months later, Meg returns home with the mind and attitude of a hardened criminal, complete with a new thuggish and rebellious look. She immediately begins abusing her family, retaliating to the many years of abuse she had endured under them, such as curb-stomping Peter, raping him in the shower with a loofah, and using her mother’s shirts as toilet paper (while also keeping a « poop bucket » next to her bed and refusing to empty it until it gets full)…

Watch Family Guy Season 08 Episode 11 Online Free – Stream Tv Online


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