Watch Family Guy Season 03 Episode 10 Online (1999)

Watch Family Guy Season 03 Episode 10 Online Free - Stream Tv Online, Family Guy Season 03 Episode 10 Online Rating: 8.4/10 (190,867 votes)
Director: N/A
Writer: N/A
Stars: Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis
Runtime: 22 min
Rated: TV-14
Genre: Animation, Comedy
Released: 31 Jan 1999
Plot: After being jobless for two weeks, Peter becomes morbidly obese. On a « walk » on the docks, he is confused with Mercury by Tom Tucker when his son Jake asks him what’s « that », and he resolves to lose weight and become a fisherman. He loses the weight without explanation. Joe takes Peter to a police seized-property auction, where Peter buys a boat for $50,000. He names the boat « S.S. More Powerful Than Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and the Incredible Hulk Put Together. »Â To pay for the vessel, Peter takes out a loan with his house as collateral. The bank (run by the conman character and is a tattoo parlor in the back) is so certain that Peter will default on the loan that they sell the house to another family and repossess his furniture before the payment deadline arrives, so the Griffins have to share their home with the other family in a redecorated house. Peter must now raise $50,000 before the deadline arrives. Peter’s new fishing career does not prove successful. Another fisherman named Hennessey tricks him with a « good fishing spot » at 42 degrees North, 71 degrees West (which is actually in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts). Peter ends up crushing a clown at a child’s bar mitzvah. This is followed by other mistreatment from Hennessey and his fishermen companions. Rejecting Quagmire’s idea of prostituting himself to fat women for quick cash, Peter decides to catch the legendary killer fish Daggermouth for a $50,000 reward. Seamus, the all-wooden-limbed fisherman, warns Peter about the fish. Peter decides to forge on anyway, with Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe accompanying him.

Watch Family Guy Season 03 Episode 10 Online Free – Stream Tv Online


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