IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 from 40 votes
Release: 2010 /

Darkstar: The Interactive Movie

Genre: Action | Sci-Fi
Director: J. Allen Williams
Stars: Clive Robertson, Trace Beaulieu, Justin Clay Amant
Synopsis: You are Captain John O'Neil, awakening from suspended animation aboard a battle damaged starship on a lost mission. You've been asleep for over 300 years, a period of time that exceeds the design capabilities of the ship's cryogenic equipment. Though physically unharmed, you suffer from a complete loss of memory. O'Neil must explore the starship, and find clues as to who he is and complete the mission. He will soon discover he is not alone, and that his ship, the Westwick, has a crew of three others. The beautiful pilot, Paige Palmer, is still in hibernation. One sleep chamber is empty, it's inhabitant, First Officer Ross Perryman is missing, and one of the ship's two shuttles is gone. And ship's navigator Alan Burk lies dead in the last chamber, glass shattered with his right hand severed and missing. Throughout the ship you notice « Bio-Loks » that require a hand print ID to open certain areas of the ship. You surmise that someone with inadequate clearance has attempted to use the …

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Action, Sci-Fi

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