IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 from 16 votes
Release: 2012 /

Caligula: 1400 Days of Terror

Genre: History
Director: Bruce Kennedy
Stars: Darius Arya, Corey Brennan, Lowell Byers
Synopsis: When Caligula comes to power as Rome's 3rd Emperor, everyone has high hopes for him. The son of Germanicus, a descendant of Augustus himself, he seems eminently suited to rule. But once in power, Caligula goes on a rampage of depravity and cruelty which would lead to all sorts of sordid tales about him. The question is – are those stories true? New scholarship suggests that Caligula may not have been as crazy as they say. That instead, he used a black sense of humor to dispose of anyone and anything that might get in the way of his quest for power. In the end, after only 1400 days in power, Caligula is assassinated by a powerful group – hoping to restore the Republic. Little did they know, the Praetorian Guard already had other plans…

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