Breaking Bad (2008 to 2013)
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Director: N/A
Writer: N/A
Stars: Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris
Runtime: 45 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Released: 20 Jan 2008
Plot: Walt and Jesse return the RV to Jesse’s house. The house, which was previously owned by Jesse’s late aunt, is the perfect hideaway for them. When they open the RV to remove the two bodies, they notice that one of the bodies is still moving. Emilio is dead but Krazy-8 is still breathing.They imprison the unconscious Krazy-8 in the basement of the house and secure him to a pole with a bicycle lock around his neck. Walt suggests that they should use hydrofluoric acid to dissolve Emilio’s corpse, so it leaves no evidence behind.

Walt and Jesse must decide what to do now. One of them needs to dispose of the corpse, while the other must kill Krazy-8. They toss a coin to see who will do what. Jesse wins and chooses to dispose the corpse, so Walt is left to kill Krazy-8.

Walt instructs Jesse to buy a bin made from polyethylene, in which the corpse can be properly dissolved, but Jesse cannot find a polyethylene bin big enough to accommodate the corpse. Walt is thinking about suffocating Krazy-8, but ends up giving him a sandwich and toiletries instead.

Jesse returns home and asks Walt how the murder went. Walt promises to take care of Krazy-8 tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the pregnant Skyler begins to suspect that Walt is doing something secretly. When Skyler does some research, she arrives at Jesse’s house. Walt does not know what to say, so he makes up a lie. He says that he smokes pot sometimes and that Jesse is his dealer. Later Skyler visits Jesse at an inopportune time. Skyler tells Jesse that herbrother-in-law is a DEA agent and that this is his one and only warning to stop selling Walt marijuana. Jesse struggles to keep the corpse of Emilio hidden when Skyler tells him this.

Jesse does not the find the specific plastic bin Walt instructed him to use, so he decides to dissolve the corpse in his bathtub. But the ceramic and metal bathtub also gets dissolved and soon the ceiling collapses followed by a flood of clumpy red fluid, presumably a mixture of the hydrofluoric acid and Emilio’s half broken-down remains…

breaking bad season 01 episode 02 online free


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